Borås City expands with 30 smart recycle bins from Bigbelly

March 25, 2019


Problems with litter in public spaces are open facts in many cities and many communities follow in the same traditional footsteps with no results. The City of Borås is actively working to improve society's fight against litter and has won awards for its success four years in a row from the foundation Keep Sweden Clean.

The City of Borås already has a fleet of 60 and now has 90 Bigbelly Devices.

High Capacity which is a solar-powered trash can with built-in compression, providing increased capacity and space for modern technology without connection to the mains. With the help of the platform Bigbelly the city can see filling levels and which areas have a lot of debris in motion to more easily optimize the business's driving routes and resources.

"The City of Borås is conducting a long-term work against littering, proof of this is that we have won the award Keep Sweden Clean Municipality of the Year, 4 years in a row. BigBelly is part of this long-term work says Mikael Barsk Construction Engineer, City of Borås.

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