Phone: 0046 10-495 24 95

Phone: 0046 10-495 24 95

Sound module to the smart trash Bigbelly High Capacity 5.0

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Trash Bigbelly plays a melody for pick me up when you throw your garbage

Now you can order the highly anticipated the sound module which plays a melody, text or talk when you throw your garbage in the trash. The sound module is a plug & play variant and is specially formulated to the self-contained, solar-powered trash Bigbelly High Capacity 5.0.

Thank you for thinking about the environment

This results that the unit plays the desired sound when door is opened by a foot pedal or lever. It has become an effective way to encourage and share positive energy with the Recycle Bin's users, to get feedback on their performance can stretch far as eg. “Thank you for thinking about the environment”. The sound module is tested at several places together with Uppsala Skräpkör and Stena Line Danica.

Combine business with pleasure with Bigbelly

Spread the message, compacting garbage and increasing recycling in the public domain.


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