The first ICA store, which is equipped with Bigbelly

The first ICA store equipped with Bigbelly!

Today it was reopening after the expansion of the ICA Rimbo which is now the largest store with profile supermarket, which is also the first to equip the plant with BigBelly's litter baskets for smarter handling of garbage and recycling.
BigBelly is an innovative platform with over 50.000 units existing in the 54 countries that communicate fill levels and status. Bigbelly HC is a solar powered device and has 5-8 times more capacity than a traditional litter basket that gives room for 570 litres of uncompressed rubbish at the same size without pests get access to content.
The platform provides an added value for both activities, the environment and the visitors.
Congratulations to the new store and thanks for the trust to the smart sharpen the baskets.