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Smart skräphantering ger resultat efter skräpmätning

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In August conducted Uppsala municipality a debris measurement both in the park and on the street. Poll shows that there is less clutter than 2016. In the park, the number of garbage per ten square meters from 3.26 to 1.03 and on street from 7.53 to 4.93. Cigarette butts are still the most common litter and the municipality are planning a campaign to reduce the number of cigarette butts thrown on the ground.

Uppsala residents are becoming better at throwing their rubbish in the city's many soptunnar. The municipality has invested in both campaigns to reduce littering and to ensure that there are trash cans so that it becomes easy to do right.

"We are very pleased and proud that so many take responsibility to reduce littering. The public environment is everyone's living room, and it is important that we continue to stay clean, for our own sake and that of others, says Johan Lundqvist (MP), President of the street and Community Environment Committee.


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Uppsala Municipality compiles Bigbelly

Uppsala has chosen to invest in a solar-powered system called Bigbelly. The aim of the initiative is to improve the environment in the municipality through reduced transport and a cleaner when environment around the garbage bins. Since we introduced the system, the visible debris in the city garden and the surrounding larger parks have fallen by 20 percent. A contributing factor may also be the placement itself.

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