Sustainion acquires Smart City company EWF Eco

March 1, 2022

Friends, colleagues and partners all over the world. Today we announce to you that the Rimbo company EWF Eco is now acquired by Sustainion Group to jointly expand operations and market in the Smart City segment in Europe. 

With the acquisition of EWF Eco , we are now making a major investment in sustainable urban environments and I am very much looking forward to continuing to develop this fine company together with the founders, CEO Per Järnebrink and CFO Mats Järnebrink, and we see clear synergies with other companies in the group, for example with Vindico Security's products in secure charging cabinets for e.g. electric bicycle batteries. With Sustainion as owner, we will continue EWF's efforts to expand with more products and in more markets in Europe while building on the Smart City segment.

Brodde Wetter, President and CEO of Sustainion Group.

It will be great fun to further develop EWF together with all our employees and Sustainion. With a strong owner behind us who shares our sustainability mindset, we can take the next step in our expansion and build a new leg in Sustainion within Smart City

Per Järnebrink, CEO EWF Eco

Sustainion focuses on the Smart City segment, where a city combines digital solutions with transport and energy in the best possible way to achieve a holistic approach that leads to better use of resources and lower emissions. EWF Eco is the market leader for smart waste management and recycling, in the public space in the Nordic region.

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