Trollhättan's road to a debris-free municipality

Trollhättan increases the pace against littering by using
platform Bigbelly

Littering has always been a major concern for both the environment and the future of sustainability. Junk in General creates a discomfort in the area where wildlife and nature does not at all feel good by pollution. In addition, it costs a lot to clean up in the municipalities.

The case against littering

In daytime mode has Trollhättan invested in 15 Bigbelly High Capacity, which will streamline the debris in the area. Each unit of model High Capacity has a built-in compactor that is powered by solar energy, which creates an increased capacity of 570 litres of waste in the same size as a 125 litre vessels with no connection to the electricity grid.

Trollhättan City aims to reduce littering in public places, and is one of many communities that have taken the opportunity and work towards climate objectives in an efficient manner using platform Bigbelly.

Bigbelly makes it possible to integrate the IoT in society's garbage handling and let the network more efficient and optimized with the help of sensors. The sensors detect filling levels and system status which makes it possible to reduce transport and discharge frequencies through a Web-based application in the cloud. Bigbelly models are completely sealed vessels and ruling out pests to reach content which reduces rats and birds in the area.

Do you want to know more how Bigbelly operates? Call us at 010-4952495 and we'll tell you more!