New innovative and smart trash cans in place in Strömstad

Big benefits for the environment in Strömstad

Having to empty the fewer times and we get told when the time comes, of course, will be big benefits for the environment with fewer cars that need to run in town to deflate, with more effects that less noise and lower costs, says Eiton Olsson sanitation Chief.

Bigbelly was implemented in Strömstad in 2018 and have had during his time been a successful choice of the municipality. Strömstad-saving now in on movements, transport and carbon dioxide emissions. Bigbelly is a completely closed system, preventing unauthorized access to reach the contents that are important part of safety.

Bigbellys closed barrier also prevents pests, like rats or birds to take out the garbage! The device has a built-in compactor that thinks up the debris and provides greater scope for more debris. Bigbelly associate since their fill level, which detects how much junk there is in the container to easily inform staff when emptying need be done.

EWF ECO Ltd is committed to deliver economic and social sustainability of the environment to its customers. Just and worthy of note, is the establishment in Stockholm together with the city of Stockholm. Where, through the use of reduced transport platform with over 90 BigBelly%.