Stena Line tests the Bigbelly solar powered waste bin

Together with Stena Line and Chalmers University of technology in Göteborg, we have for a period of time tested and evaluated so far a successful project with the clever waste bin Bigbelly.

The smart, the Bigbelly solar powered waste bin is placed on one of the Stena Line ferries that streamlines and minimizes debris management on board. Bigbelly facilitates the search of the debris aboard the boat and notify staff via an application, when and where the draining must be made.

This bin says ‘thank you’ and gives more space in the container by compressing the waste!

Together with Emil Vestman and Niklas Branch at Chalmers University of technology established an odd yet solid appearance of a ' filur. These Bigbellys are not only unique, but also equipped with sensors that when the door is opened, a sound in the form of character on each character.


BigBellys software support CLEAN is available for both computers, tablets and smartphones, where all the information about each device is gathered to provide keep higher productivity and awareness in the area.

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