Bumbee Labs and EWF ECO in cooperation

Measure visitor flows with Big Belly

EWF ECO and Bumbee Labs has concluded agreements on cooperation, making it possible for customers to cost-effectively measure visitor flows through Big Belly-sopbehållare and other street furniture as EWF ECO provides.

Big Belly-sopbehållarna are equipped with Wi-Fi routers, where Bumbee Labs technology has been implemented. In this way, such as cities and shopping malls equipped with Big Belly-sopbehållare access to visiting and flow data, without any additional installation required. The power supply of the routers are solved by most models of garbage containers from Big Belly is equipped with solar cells and thereby a mobile and flexible solution.

With the help of the data Bumbee Labs produces, customers can find out how visitors move about, how long they stay and what the anchor points in the measuring ranges are. Through continuity of measurements, customers can ensure that it offers an accessible environment as possible and in this way the visitor flows be improved. In addition to visiting and flow measurements, EWF ECO and Bumbee Labs also offer free Wi-Fi to visitors in the vicinity of the measuring points.

Exclusive distributors

EWF ECO are the exclusive distributors of Big Belly and Steora in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland. In the North there are about 3000 Big Belly devices installed and approximately 55 000 worldwide. Cooperation is another step in the EWF ECO's quest to be able to offer their customers a full Smart City solution, i.e. give cities an opportunity to offer visitors in the cities a better visitor experience by providing intelligent and effective solutions.

Bumbee Labs measure visitor flows by intercepting anonymised wifi signals in smart mobile phones and can make measurements in both outdoor and indoor environments. Visitor flows are measured completely anonymized, not at the individual level and the measurement method is exclusive of its kind to have an approval from the Data protection authority.  Bumbee Labs can by their method to produce very reliable statistics on how many people visit the measuring range at different time intervals, how long visitors stay in the test area and what is the most common paths.

Per iron brink, CEO, comments: EWF ECO cooperation

"Fast, simple and effective, that is what our cooperation offers the market and our customers and prospects. EWF ECO and Bumbee Labs makes it clear now our cooperation within the SmartCity Solutions and digitisation of daily life in public environments such as urban space, passenger transport, shopping centres and other surfaces where you are collecting information and improved environment. We offer real effective digitization now, not sometime in the future an unclear "

Karl Samuelsson, CEO Bumbee Labs also makes him forward to the cooperation:

"To be able to get the visitor flow data in the context of efficient waste disposal is a smart way to get create a modern urban environment. EWF ECO has been very successful in spreading the Big Belly-concept in the North and it will be very exciting to be a part of the onward journey. "

For more information, please contact:

Per Järnebrink
010 495 2475

Bumbee Labs AB
Karl Samuelsson
CEO Bumbee Labs AB