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Phone: 0046 10-495 24 95

Two million litres in Stockholm

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Although it is said to have been a bad summer so has 87th BigBelly SOLAR and Smart Belly raised over 2 million litres of debris in central Stockholm parks. That's an average of 23.000 litres per trash.
Between March and August, the vacation has been 1.7 times per week. Over 83% of the baskets were then filled with at least 60% of their recommended maximum volume of 600 l.
The statistics have improved since last summer, "says Marketing Manager at EWF Richard. Last summer, it was 3.2 movements per week on average and 48% were at those times more than 60% full.
Diagram of the filling ratio & number of movements per week

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Helsingør Recycle Bin

Helsingør collects junk in open environment with Bigbelly

Helsingør has for two years placed 48 pieces of smart Bigbellys that every day helps the municipality to streamline the garbage handling – By increasing capacity and notifying when emptying is to occur. For only two months, Helsingør has collected over 770.000 litres of debris at selected locations in the municipality.

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