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100% efficiency in Enköping & Halmstad

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We would like to congratulate Halmstad and Enköping to exploit the system to 100% BigBelly. An amazing effort by staff and management to a bit on a new system right from the start. Statistics don't lie! You have done the right thing and brought to you a new way of working.
Halmstad has collected 7 cubed on three drives in the Center and Enköping has collected nearly 1.5 cubic metres of parkland in a month. Halmstad has a discharge frequency of emptying 1.1 times per week for a total of 19 movements Enköping empties every other week and have made four movements during the period.
Halmstad had 6 units which were emptied twice per week max collection volume 880 liters.

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Customer case

Randers with results of-95% fewer flushments

In the cityscape, birds disappeared and the streets were cleaner and demanded less maintenance. In them new Bigbelly paper baskets were also installed built-in sound modules that are activated when using the garbage bins to increase interaction with the visitors.

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