November 15, 2023

Discover a whole new dimension of solar-powered bollard lighting

Experience a future of increased safety and sustainability. ActiveLights Solar bollards solve challenges and offer an energy efficient and environmentally friendly solution for off-grid locations.

A previous era of challenges is here to be resolved

Lighting plays a central role in our daily lives, especially in public spaces. It affects our safety and comfort, but traditional lighting systems have proven to have their shortcomings. Insufficient lighting in parks, schools and squares during the dark hours of the night poses a potential risk to public safety. This lack of lighting creates not only an increased risk of accidents but also a feeling of insecurity among people.

An attractive solution for the future

To address these challenges and promote a more sustainable future, we now offer an attractive solution. The lighting system from ActiveLights works by converting solar energy into light and offers several benefits that address the problems of traditional lighting.

One of the most striking benefits is the sustainability and energy savings offered by ActiveLights Solar bollards. By being powered by solar energy, they reduce greenhouse gas emissions and promote the use of environmentally friendly energy. This means not only less impact on the environment but also a more sustainable source of energy.

Discover a whole new dimension of solar-powered bollard lighting 1

Worthy of attention

  • Low operating costs are another benefit worth noting. By using solar energy, ActiveLight bollards dramatically reduce the running costs of lighting. This saves money and reduces reliance on the traditional electricity grid, which is particularly valuable in remote areas where electricity connections can be difficult to maintain. One example is the Gullholmen project.
  • Easy installation is another benefit that makes ActiveLights Solar bollards a smart choice. These lighting systems are easy to install and do not require complicated wiring or advanced electrical installation. This saves time and eliminates unnecessary hassle.
  • To further optimize energy efficiency, ActiveLights Solar bollards are equipped with sensors that enable automatic on/off function. This means that the lighting is always available when needed, which not only saves energy but also ensures that the lighting always works efficiently.

- At a time when sustainability and cost efficiency are at the heart of many decisions, ActiveLights Solar is a brilliant solution.

By using solar energy and reducing carbon emissions, ActiveLights offer a sustainable solution for lighting in public spaces. The non-existent operating costs make them economically advantageous, and the ease of installation saves time and hassle. Sensors enabling automatic operation increase energy efficiency, and the possibility of customized design makes them useful in different contexts.

Discover a whole new dimension of solar powered bollard lighting 2

ActiveLights Solar bollards provide an awakening and offer cost-effective lighting through:

  • High efficiency solar cells
  • Cable-free installation
  • Automated LED lighting
  • Attendance management
  • Robust design, built for public environments
  • Also good for wildlife

Interested in exploring more?

You can read more about this by downloading our product sheet at the link below! So when thinking about lighting in public spaces, consider ActiveLights Solar as the bright and sustainable solution. They provide not only safety and comfort but also a sustainable future for all.

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