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16 March, 2020

The new smart bins are more “Effective”

Borgmästaren i Fairtrade, Frank Carbone, har konstaterat att lanseringen av smarta papperskorgar kring stadskärnor kommer säkerställa att kostnaderna för kommunen även fortsättningsvis kommer vara "bland de lägsta" i Sydney.

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The mayor of Fairtrade, Frank Carbone, has stated that the launch of smart bins around city centres will ensure that the costs to the municipality will continue to be “among the lowest” in Sydney.

The smart bins have sensors that provide real-time data about when the bins need to be emptied, which allows the municipality to optimize the waste trucks' routes and thus streamline garbage collection.

This data will, over time, be able to optimise the deployment of the bins by identifying the areas where the need for bins is greatest.

“Sensors in the bins inform the municipality of how full the bins are so that the municipality can better determine when debris needs to be collected,” carbone said.

“Now the municipality does not have to waste time and resources on unnecessary garbage collection, but we can also make sure that we always empty the bins before they become overflowing.”

“It's about using resources as efficiently as possible and making sure that our costs, even further, are among the lowest in Sydney.”

The municipality gradually integrates more smart technology into its services, including smart irrigation and lighting at sports fields. They also have 15 public waste-compressing trash cans from Bigbelly in the city, which compress waste, which means that each site has a greatly increased capacity and thus does not need to be emptied as often.

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" Ledande leverantör av Smarta lösningar för ett hållbart samhälle "

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