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14 April, 2020

Enevo is now launched

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Enevo is a smart platform with waste sensor that gives you a new perspective and control over your waste bins, while you can reduce costs related to waste.

Understand your city from a new perspective with waste sensors from Enevo

We feel particularly happy when we have had the pleasure of expanding our innovative portfolio with yet another brilliant solution of high quality.

Enevo is a progressive waste technology company that uses their patented IoT solutions to reduce waste related costs and save the planet at the same time. With Enevo, companies, smart cities and commercial organizations around the world can measure, analyze and manage their waste. Enevo gives you IoT sensors for waste and results that everyone promises, but does not deliver. Enevo's technology is patented and unmatched in our industry.

The right action at the right place at the right time at the right cost with Enevo

Nu lanserar vi Enevo 1

Enevo is for those who need control, while reducing costs related to waste. You get an overview of all your garbage cans and containers where you can see the level of filling in the respective waste containers, regardless of size, using the latest technology.

With the help of Enevo you get an overview of when and where emptying should take place, where even the latest technology collects data from millions of parameters to optimize the best mileage and schedule for collection.

With Enevo, you minimize complaints and overfilled waste bins before it's too late. At the same time, you can reduce waste-related costs and increase sustainability for both environment and operations.

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