EWF ECO connect to the Keep Sweden tidy

In addition to support and cooperate with the green cities, Climate Pact and Swedish town, connect now Sweden AB to the EWF and hold ECO Pure (HSR) fighting for a junk freely Sweden. It is when we take responsibility for our environment and understand our own role increases the likelihood that we will also develop a sustainable lifestyle, together.

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A junk-free society, together.

In addition to supporting and cooperating with green cities, the climate pact and Swedish city centres, EWF ECO AB is now connecting to Sweden Rent (HSR), which fights for a litter-free Sweden.

The sea and the harbour

In 2018, keep Sweden in great force to pay attention to the serious situation of the world's oceans, and to bring about a reduction in the plastic debris in them. The most common debris along the shores is plastic of various kinds. It is largely about rubbish that ordinary consumers have not learned – plastic bags, soda and water bottles, candy paper and so on. As with many other environmental problems, this is something that we humans have caused, and so we also have every opportunity to change and improve the situation.

We therefore want to take responsibility for our environment and increase the likelihood that together we develop a more sustainable lifestyle. A junk-free society is the foundation of a sustainable society.

Systemet med återvinning av avfall läcker, och en del av detta läckage blir skräp. Vi vet att skräp på land blir skräp i havet och det är dags att detta läckage synliggörs och stoppas

Johanna Ragnartz, vd på Håll Sverige Rent.

Easy to make the right

Genom komprimering av skräp, minskad logistik och CO2 utsläpp, samt minskad spridning av skräp från fåglar, råttor och människor blir BigBelly en lösning där det blir lätt att göra rätt. BigBelly erbjuder också lösningar med upp till 6 fraktioner – vilket ökar möjligheten till källsortering.

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