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Källsortering Gotland Bigbelly

Gotland recycles with Bigbelly

A smarter Gotland benefits everyone! Traditional recycle bins can provide uncertainty and unignorance that results in littering and costly action. In central Visby on Gotland,

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Nyheter 3

Kolding Municipality received positive test results

Working time which is saving has instead been used to collect rubbish in the streets. During the winter, Kolding Municipality tested dom smart recycle bins in the central parts and the result is positive. The test has reduced the number of flushes with 90 percent.

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Stub out littering in Höganäs

A day in sunny Höganäs with their campaign “Stub out” Together with our solar powered trash Bigbelly with built in ashtray. The ashtray is a separate sealed box in

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Even more smart trash cans in Alingsås

Even more solar-powered and self-communicating trash cans in Alingsås! The new generation of trash cans in Alingsås has now been in use, evaluated and tested. The garbage bins are called Bigbelly,

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