Bigbelly with Sun at the Emporia shopping center in Malmö

Shopping centres in Malmö

Bigbelly takes part and improves garbage handling along with Emporia shopping center in Malmö. The urban rooftop environment on top of the popular shopping centre has live sedumgräs, plants and technology that creates an attractive area for visitors. During June was placed on the roof of the Bigbelly urban environment. The shopping centre has 8 million visitors annually with a large area to handle visitors spam and […]

Smart trash cans equipped with sound in Helsingborg

Smart trash cans in Helsingborg

Helsingborg is a municipality with a large focus on innovation and smart solutions which today has 31st Bigbelly units placed along the coast in order to minimize the debris in the water and picking on mark. Bigbelly is a smart garbage can, driven by solar cells that gives the municipality the opportunity for valuable information about when and where emptying the waste container shall […]

Forest Gribskov expands with Bigbelly for summer

Forest Gribskov municipality extends now to 17 pieces Bigbelly both waste bins and sorting stations for glass and cans. Littering in the Baltic Sea is a famous problem in which both business and visitors must take vigorous action to meet Global targets. With the help of Bigbelly can now secure forest Gribskov municipality Beach for the summer and minimize picking on mark, access […]

Smart trash cans gave good results in Kristianstad

Display of bigbelly in Kristianstad

Uploading for summer times! Kristianstad Municipality is gearing up for the summer with smart solar-powered bins from Bigbelly. The municipality has recently ordered 10 High Capacity, a solar-powered recycle Bin with built-in compression and smart sensors that detect fill levels and system status. The Bigbelly platform provides a network that analyses the respective waste bins in Kristianstad to notify staff when emptying should […]

Garbage begets rat invasion in the city

Many cities suffer from small mice and small rats, they breed on the availability of debris where the increased expansion of pests creates precarious security feeling in society. Our cities are growing, and the city's sanitation resources are increasingly strained. The position and prioritize resources for time and needs, which can sometimes lead to skimping. They know […]

Positive test results in Kolding municipality

During the test period of four months, it has resulted in a saving of resources on 112 hours. Working time which is saving has instead been used to collect rubbish in the streets. During the winter, Kolding Municipality tested dom smart recycle bins in the central parts and the result is positive. The test has reduced the number of flushes with 90 percent. A test […]

Trondheim extends Bigbelly & #8217; s smart trash cans after the successful pilot project

There are now solar-powered trash cans in Trondheim that tells us when it needs emptying. The operation will be announced in the app and can drive there to clear! After a successful pilot project orders now Trondheim municipality, 43rd Bigbelly in model High Capacity which is solcellskomprimerande bins with modern technology for reporting of supplementary levels in each vessel without […]

Stub out littering in Höganäs

Stub out

A day in sunny Höganäs with their campaign “Stub out” together with our solar powered trash Bigbelly with built-in ashtrays. Ashtray is a separately sealed box in metal of about 4 liters fimparna holding in custody. This will minimize cigarette butts on the ground and fire hazards that can occur in traditional bins. Take care of nature, as you take […]

Even more smart trash cans in Alingsås


Even more solar-powered trash cans and självkommunicerande in Alingsås! The new generation of trash cans in Alingsås has now been in use, evaluated and tested. The containers are called Bigbelly, which is a platform for smarter spam handling. Alingsås has at present six smart trash cans that are strategically placed in parks and squares where the municipality in the press release says: — […]

The most advanced, multifunctional bench ever.

We have gathered the best and developed even more, to give more! Monna provides wireless internet access, lighting, sensors, and data collection. Monna is a solar-powered bike point that serves as a bike rack with reperationsverktyg and power outlets for charging electric bikes. Monna