January 29, 2020

10 benefits of Bigbellys connected bins you can't miss

Over a 5-year period, the cost of emptying waste bins has fallen from 1 560 000 to 260 000 sek and carbon dioxide emissions have fallen from 6.9 tonnes to 2.2 tonnes

You know that we are a growing society where littering is increasing and resources are becoming more and more strained, we can say that! I will now describe an example of why you need Bigbelly in your business. In a central park, there were 40 traditional bins, each containing 40 litres of rubbish, a total capacity of 1,600 litres.

These bins are emptied 2 to 3 times a week depending on the season. It takes an average of 5 to 10 minutes to empty each trash can of the area's total park area, of which 12,000 sqm. The park is positioned 20 km from the business's pits where the service cars are powered by diesel. The staff starts from their scheduled transport route and travels towards the park as usual.

The day before it was bad weather and the park had minimal visitors. As a result, only 20 out of 40 traditional bins had to be emptied that day, but all were checked. Other days where the weather has been good and there has been high activity in the park, it quickly results in overcrowded trash cans, pests and pickings on land. 

One emptying costs about 50 sek on average, including the cost of a new bin liner, staff and transport. To sum this up, it costs about 2,000 sek to check and empty 40 bins in that park area with a time consumption of about 6 hours, from and to the depot included. 

It may not sound like much, but to sum it up, 3 empties a week means 6,240 empties in a year. An annual cost for these emptying in that park is about 312 000 sek. The service car running on diesel emits about 220g of CO2 emissions per kilometre, which comes to 1,372,800g per year, or almost 1.4 tonnes of CO2 for this park alone. Over a 5-year period, that is 1 560 000 sek and 6.9 tonnes of CO2 emissions. 

You, I and everyone else want to protect a better environment for a sustainable future.

To recalculate the above examples and show why you need to Bigbellys smart trash cans and we will remove the previous traditional bins and install 20 pieces Bigbelly instead. The park now gets 9 Bigbelly High Capacity which has a built-in, solar-powered compactor with a capacity of 570 litres and 11 Bigbelly Standard Capacity 190 litres. 

This will be a waste capacity of 7,220 litres instead of the previous 1,600 litres and the used ground area has barely increased and the number of bins has decreased. We say that the emptying of the park area of 12,000 sqm decreased from 3 to 1 time a week because you now with the help of Bigbelly know how much rubbish there is in the respective trash can. You no longer have to go blind. 

The service car now travels only once a week to this park, minimising carbon dioxide emissions from 1.4 tonnes to 457,600g per year. Almost 1 tonne of CO2 saved. The cost per emptying remains unchanged but the total cost of emptying is now instead reduced from 312,000 sek to 52,000 sek per year, given fewer bins and fewer emptying operations. You have simply become more aware and have a greater capacity. 

Connected bins that deliver results!

Bigbellys Bins

Over a 5-year period, the cost of emptying has fallen from 1 560 000 to 260 000 sek , a saving of SEK 1.3 million, and carbon dioxide emissions have fallen from 6.9 tonnes to 2.2 tonnes. The waste capacity has increased, the productivity of the operation has increased, the number of emptying operations and the number of transports have decreased - on the same area as before. 

Bigbellys recycle bins are market leaders and are in more ways smarter than the traditional trash cans. They compress the debris automatically and can therefore take care of large volumes of rubbish in public environments without connection to electricity networks. Bigbelly has an integrated cloud service that monitors each unit in the fleet and provides better planning decision-making.

Better evidence, better decisions.

Through the integrated cloud service CLEAN you can monitor the trash fill level, position, heatmaps, battery status, doorways, compressions, etc. and also update the software wirelessly to always be involved in the development.

If the trash needs to be emptied, the trash announces its filling level directly to staff and drives itself with, among other things, renewable solar energy and provides the opportunity for advanced, standalone technology with different types of themes, both in terms of sound and design.

10 benefits of Bigbellys smart trash cans

  1. Bigbelly communicate scans with staff to provide better decision-making and planning. 
  2. Bigbelly operates without connection to the mains and is standalone using battery and solar cells and has a patented function that protects the battery against overcharging.
  3. Bigbelly is aesthetically adapted and has the ability to change the color and motifs as desired. 
  4. Bigbelly is user-friendly with ergonomic design. 
  5. Bigbelly High Capacity has a built-in compactor with a capacity of 570 litres on the same size area as a 120 litre vessel. 
  6. Bigbelly 's cloud service is available through the browser or app of the phone. 
  7. Bigbelly have access protection against unauthorized persons and pests. 
  8. With the help of solar energy, Bigbelly power standalone technology and share options such as Wi-Fi or interact with the user through built-in audio module. 
  9. There are over 60,000 tested Bigbelly devices in the world. Of which 5,000 are in Scandinavia.
  10. Bigbellys telescopic vessels allow both manual and mechanical emptying. This makes it ergonomically possible to empty the vessels both manually, without heavy lifting above head height and also works for mechanical lifting arm. 

Bigbelly with telescopic vessels for manual or mechanical emptying!

Bigbelly is the market leading supplier of smart bins!

Bigbelly is proven to work and has many references to add. Ewf Eco AB is the exclusive distributor for Bigbelly in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland. On the links below you will find compilations that some of our customers have made after the introduction of Bigbellys smart platform for managing junk.

Stockholm City compiles Bigbelly :
https://ewfeco.com/pilotprojekt-i-stockholm-med- bigbelly / 

Uppsala Municipality compiles Bigbelly :
https://ewfeco.com/uppsala-kommun-sammanstaller- bigbelly /

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