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September 16, 2018

Helsingør tidies its open spaces with Bigbelly

Helsingør har under två år placerat ut 48 stycken smarta Bigbellys som varje dag hjälper kommunen att effektivera skräphanteringen - genom att öka kapaciteten och meddela när tömning skall ske. Under bara två månader har Helsingør samlat in över 770.000 liter skräp på utvalda platser i kommunen.

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Helsingør has for just two months gathered over + 770.000 liters of junk through smart trash bins from Bigbelly.

BigBelly provides a whole new way to communicate and plan the handling of debris through completely standalone trash bins with integrated advanced technology. Each trash is designed to prevent unauthorized and pest from the content and has built-in compaction to make room for more debris.

Over the past two years, Helsingør has deployed 48 smart Bigbelly units, which have helped the municipality streamline its garbage handling – Garbage collection capacity has been increased and the bins themselves report when they need emptying. In two months, Helsingør collected over 770,000 litres of rubbish at selected locations in the municipality.

BigBelly's Smart Junk Management platform provides an overview of your fleet to make it easier to get the support you need to plan your emptying.

Helsingør results after evaluation

Helsingör's municipality, started 2015 through the operating unit Nordsjælland Park & Vej. During the evaluation period in the centre, 160 bins were mounted down and 32 PCs High Capacity 5.0 bins assembled from Bigbelly, units with integrated compactor. The solution provided increased capacity in general, while the built-in sensors could provide operational information to increase the municipality's efficiency and planning of transport. This gave a result from previous 58.240 emptying to low 2.112 PCs per year, the following year.

  • Reduction in the number of bins:-80%
  • Reduction of the number of flushments:-97%

Smarter waste management

If you want to reduce transport, emptying and a few decision bases that give the opportunity to streamline your operations in the field of junk management, you will like what we have to say!

Contact us and we will tell you more about how we can offer your business a smarter and greener environment for a sustainable future!

" Ledande leverantör av Smarta lösningar för ett hållbart samhälle "

We are EWF ECO – a family business that reflects and strives for a better environment through smart, innovative and sustainable solutions that benefit both business and the future.

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